PL Update 2 

What’s good Jag, I’m glad to give y’all an update on everything I’ve been working on this past month. It’s a lot of new announcements and a lot of new content that I’ll be releasing soon, so here we go. 

First off, I’ll start by saying Fall/Winter is my favorite time of year & I’m so glad we’re finally getting close to it. I really fuck with the cold & shit like I connect with it spiritually lol. Either way, when it gets cold, I get bold. I recently began using TikTok so please make sure you follow me over there. My @ is the same as my instagram: @youknowitszaydoe. I started doing open verse challenges so I know y’all will fuck with those. As far as Instagram, follow my spam page as well @plsadboy887. That’s really where I’ll post like personal shit, exclusive content, BTS production, unreleased shit, & playlists as well. I’ve been doing playlists for awhile now on Apple Music & Spotify. It’s just a peep into my music taste for those looking for new music. I’m also always down to listen to other playlists if you ever want to send me something. 

As far as my music, I have even more things I’ve been working on. For starters, the MV for “Easy” is almost done. I can’t wait for y’all to see it, I had a lot of fun shooting it. Shoutout to Jermaine, Reggie, and Miles for their roles in making this video possible. My next single will be coming soon as well. That video is also being shot at this time. The music I’ve been polishing for this upcoming project is very dear to me. I have been working for a long time to be able to express myself at this level. I appreciate everyone who supports what I do & I’ll see y’all soon!


- Big Jag

"Dance in the Dark" 

Dance in the dark  
They dance in the dark  
Prance with the stars  
Glance in each other’s hearts  

Will it come to the light?  
This more than a spark,  
Heart wants, it wants, love intimate  

Hit like a drug or a crash,  
Devastation, or elevation  
Separation, more than six degrees,  
Can't contain it, passion is a flame  

Will it burn more than it heals? Only love could do that,  
Insane, two souls lie in chains,  
Telling lies to a face when we both know,  
It’s out of our hands, still can’t let it go

PL Update 

What’s good Jag? I’m just dropping in to check in and give y’all a few updates. Me & PL been working on a lot of new content, scheduling some upcoming ventures, even preparing for new releases. So let’s skip the small talk and jump right in!  

For starters, I have a show coming up this month on the 13th with @13nightlights on Instagram. If you aren’t familiar with them, they are an artist showcase platform that does events on the 13th day of each month. I’ve been performing there monthly since April '22 & it’s been pretty incredible. @a13mando has been a great person to work with, in addition to being a great artist. The atmosphere at every show is always warm and inviting. Each of my sets have been some of my favorites that I’ve done. The raw energy of the crowd, being surrounded by other hungry artists is something that brings out the best of me. If you are free that Saturday night & you need a real move to pop out to, I highly suggest @the13nightlights.  

Next, I just wanna say thank you to everyone streaming and supporting my new single “Easy”. I appreciate all the loved I’ve received and the love that is to come from the song. We have to keep pushing this song and if you really enjoy it, recommend it to others. Don’t be hesitant to put others on to it, add me to your playlists, and keep giving me feedback on the song. We’re currently working on a visual for the song & I know y’all will love it. Be on the lookout for that in the next few weeks.  

Lastly & definitely NOT LEAST: the project. If you’ve been a fan since day one & you’ve supported me in anyway then you deserve to know the status of my next project. This has been a grueling year and I have been getting closer to announcing the date y’all have been waiting for. Between completing the original version and scrapping it to move in a new direction, this is going to be something special. It will be one of my dream projects, something I’ve always wanted to do from a skill standpoint. I know it will strike a chord in everyone who listens and I just want listeners to feel something when they finally hear it. Ofc, there will be more releases in between, but overall, we are gearing up for the Flow God’s return. I am not fucking around on this project & this will be a big leap for me. I hope you’re ready to take that jump with me. Peace and love Jag. Until next time. 

- Big Jag

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